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2nd Annual Female Entrepreneurs Awards


Recently, I was able to be receive an award at the 2nd Annual Female Entrepreneurs Awards for being recognized in the City of Houston as influencer of the year. I was also able to share my story with other female entrepreneurs from different States.

It has been a long and hard process with everything that I’ve been working on but I was able to get through it with GOD.

GOD has been my guidance, my mentor, my support and protection through this entire process of opening my salon, writing my book, graduating college and many other things that led me to where I am today.

I’m a wife, mother of 3, mentor, journalist, published book author and business owner of Sv beauty & Spa. I’ve accomplished all of these goals by the grace of GOD. 

I knew at a young age that I wanted to live in a city where the entrepreneurial rate was high and successful so I moved to Houston at age 15 and my journey begun. 

I started in the beauty industry 6 years ago, I did not know what my purpose was but I knew I loved the beauty industry and making women look and feel beautiful. I went from hair to microblading, to opening my own salon in September of this year. 

I always wanted to open my own salon, but never found the time to open one until now . While balancing being a wife, mother, mentor, and entrepreneur takes hard work, it can take you off of your path sometimes. 

It took me years of hard work, late nights, consistency, discipline and perseverance,  I’m here to tell you ladies that it’s possible and to never give up

A  lot of women always looked up to me as there mentor and inspiration so I decided to write a book about entrepreneurship, how I started in the beauty industry to now opening my own salon.

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