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Sometimes we don’t have time to go to the gym or we are on a budget to buy exercise equipment! so work out at home for FREE and waist train! The 2 leg exercises that I do every day are squats and lunges which are very good for building the muscles of the whole body, especially the buttocks, hamstrings as well as quadriceps or the center of the body. In addition to being able to shape perfect curves, they also help improve overall fitness, burn more fat and increase joint movement. I do 60 squats per day and 30 lunges on each leg a day, I also wear my waist trainer during exercise which helps me with better posture, lose fat faster and give me that hourglass figure. I usually exercise 30 minutes to an hour per day which turns into almost 5 hours a week. Exercising is important to your body because it helps lose weight and lower your risk of some diseases, it also makes you feel better. If you want to work on your stomach area, I definitely recommend the waist trainer, it will help achieve a flat shaped tummy but NO abs. Sorry to tell you but you have to do some ab workouts, I do 30 ab crunches a day which helps me keep creating and KEEP my abs.

(1,000 Calories shake)

I know sometimes we can be busy with life! Being a wife, mother and business owner can be quite hard! Especially mornings, cooking breakfast, packing the kids lunch, exercising, getting the kids off to school and checking on your business. With my busy life I wasn’t eating much anymore so I was losing weight.

So I created a healthy high calorie shake that you can make for breakfast, when your on the go and don’t have time to eat and it helps maintain and even gain weight if your lacking in that area.It usually holds me over all the way until lunch and sometimes I’m still not hungry until after lunch, I will post the recipe below so you can download it and try.

2 cups of milk – 300 calories – 1 cup of strawberries – 50 calories – 1 cup of Quaker rolled oats – 360 calories – 2 bananas – 210 calories – 2 tablespoons of sugar – 96 calories (I know I said teaspoon in the video my measuring spoon was a tablespoon!) – 1 teaspoon vanilla extract – 12 calories

(Healthy kid lunch ideas)

Preparing lunch for the kids can be hard sometimes, because kids are picky. mine totally are.

Step 1. Write down what there having the night before
Step 2. Prepare their food/fruit/snack or whatever your packing the next day
Step 3. Purchase easy containers to divide fruit, snacks and food from each-other,

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