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December 2013 was one of the happiest moments of my life when I found out I was pregnant, I dreamed for a boy but GOD gave me a sweet little girl. When I found out I was having a girl I was ecstatic ,my mind was racing with millions of thoughts, I immediately started thinking of girl’s names, and I chose Madison which means “GIFT OF GOD”. After I came up with a name, I started looking for a doctor, and sharing the news with my loved ones but firstly my Husband. He was excited, we were soon going to be a blended family something I always dreamed of. I was new to this whole pregnancy thing, I had to change my diet, pay attention to my health, decrease caffeine intake, and certain medications. I went though a lot of body changes, morning sickness such as nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, lost of appetite, sore breast and odd food cravings, I knew all of this was worth it! I couldn’t wait to meet my little girl. I started shopping, planning her nursery and thinking of “mommy and me” picture ideals, I love pictures so I knew she would. I started reaching out to a lot of “mommy an me boutiques” So everything could be prepared before my daughters arrival. Photography as a newborn was more difficult then her toddler pictures, Newborns are adjusting to life and bright lights just don’t get a long with the a baby pupils LOL. As she grew the more photogenic she became, planning “mommy and me” pictures soon became a hobby for the both of us. Pictures are important to me because it allowed me to capture the most important moments in our life that we can hold on to forever. From birth, to toddler to school-age to present. So if your interested in doing “Mommy and me” photos go for it! It’s Fun, helps you spend quality time, feel special, and most importantly create memories forever!

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